The Godmother Speaks

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Experience Life Like There is no Tommorrow

You are here on this planet by the mercy of God that you are still alive. And you have the ability to see, smell, taste and feel all that is around you wether it be good or bad. Relish each moment that you are alive....and laugh at those ghosts around you who cannot do that. They cannot taste the wine or the cheese, they cannot smell the flowers and breath in the air like the living. They are envious of you....and watch you enjoying these things. Wanting so much to tell you to enjoy them more because life is so short and they see us locked inside our houses taking for granted what they would consider moments of sheer pleasure that they would so much love to be able to experience. They watch over us knowingly and lovingly wish desparately to tell us this. Enjoy each breath, each taste and each moment with those we love because once we are gone we will long for more of the same. I know it is hard in some areas to walk outside and enjoy natures beauty when it is howling around you but at least you can feel the air against your skin and the changes in temperature. The dead cannot feel these things and long for least until they depart this earthly realm and go on to where they are you feel them prompting you-just one more sip, just one more taste...just to see the look on your face.

Monday, December 12, 2005

The GodMutha Speaks

THis is so funny that I am giving you so much advice that I have decided to post it to a blog for the benefit of my own website
I figure well-let everybody else benefit from my many years of ancient wisdom-LOL.
We have been involved in so many restoration projects that I feel like I am an expert on the subject so why not! Right now we are in the midst of restoring a hurricane damaged restaurant that was foreclosed on that it was in such bad shape that nobody wanted it until......we wanted it.....then we had 3 bidders against us and so we bought it with very little knowledge of how very much work truly needed to be done...we are just now coming to that realization and it is a test ofeverything we have financially and physically (as we do have a backhoe and dumptruck) as to what we can me that buggy was like a a peice of cake compared to what we are going thru right now....Had we known that we would be doing projects of this magnitude after all these years-we would not have beleived it!. It is truly a test of your ability to cope with stress, caused by money worries, partner disagreements and general neglect of everything else that is important when you take on "A Project" of any kind no matter the size.It takes a really strong relationship and strong leadership that is focused to get thru each project and finally finish it.When that buggy was finally done years ago - I was in tears because of all that we had done to to get to that point. Just remember that the projects that you choose will not only test your own endurance but the endurance of every member of your family for years to come. It will affect how you treat them, react to them, and how they treat you. So choose your projects wisely. And realize that sometimes YOU are the only one that cares to see it gets done. That way you can understand everyone elses reaction to it and how sometimes they don't seem to be getting anything done at all.
So choose your Projects wisely my child and do not begrudge others for not following suit.